Sweat Versus Apple TV Remote

I have run almost every day on my treadmill for the last four years. I have an Apple TV set up in front of the treadmill. This has allowed me to watch a lot of movies, television shows, documentaries, and TED talks while getting my run in. One thing I didn’t expect to happen is that I effectively ruined the remote to the Apple TV as little bits of salty sweat accumulated on it while it sat on the console of the treadmill. The salt has worked it’s way into the buttons, making them unusable.

I paired a replacement remote to the Apple TV. Wanting to keep this one from getting damaged, I placed it in a Ziploc bag along with some silica gel to keep it dry. The remote works fine through the bag. I recommend this for putting an Apple TV in a hostile environment.

An Apple TV remote protected from sweat.

If I figure out how to clean the old remote, I’ll update this post.